Some of you may be interested in this notice from John Moores University Alumni.

Take a trip down memory lane

In 2017, LJMU will celebrate the 25th anniversary of our installation as one of the UK’s new universities in 1992. To mark the occasion we are currently working on a history of the University, tracing our development from 1823 to the present day.

This history wouldn’t be complete without the memories of our students, graduates and staff about what it was like to work and study here over the years.

So whether you graduated in the 1970s or the noughties, we would like to hear about the people, places, buildings or events that shaped your experiences at this unique institution.

Who knows you might even make into the LJMU history book!

To share your university memories, simply email

Please remember to include your full name plus details of when and what you studied or where you worked at the institution.