The history of Liverpool John Moores University covers the various colleges and schools that came together to form the Liverpool Polytechnic in 1970, and which then became Liverpool John Moores University in 1992. This includes I M Marsh College of Physical Education. The Archive is housed at the Aldham Robarts Library, Off Maryland Street, Liverpool L1 9DE.

The Archive would welcome donations from past students of IMMarsh. These can be in the form of artefacts such as articles of clothing or equipment, photographs, film, printed programmes from past events, personal written or recorded memories etc. Please do not send any artefacts without consulting with the Archivist, Emily Parsons, as obviously some objects could be duplicated. This applies especially to text books as the Archive already has a large number. If you have ‘special’ text books e.g. written by past members of staff, please contact Emily. You can reach her by clicking here to email her  or by writing to the address given above. It would help if you could photograph items that you think might be suitable and include the photographs in your email to help Emily to make a decision. Alternatively, you can contact the Association by completing the ‘Contact Us’ form. If you donate or lend anything to the archives, please ensure that you sign the appropriate form. Emily will tell you about these forms. The Archive is an archive and not a museum so (at least for now), do not expect artefacts to be on display. However, you can request to see artefacts by previous appointment with Emily.

The LJMU website has now been updated and you can view information re the I.M.Marsh Archives here

We understand that the Committee of our Association will be able to have archived materials on loan in order to show some of them at our annual Reunions. We also plan to give information and print photographs etc. in the yearly Journal of the Association. Joining the Association will ensure that you receive a copy of the Journal each year. If you would like to join the Association you can complete the ‘Contact Us’ form and you will receive information on how to join.

LJMU have recently published a book celebrating 25 years since the founding of the university. It is entitled ‘The Making of a Modern University’ and the authors are Roger Webster and Shonagh Wilkie. It details the history LJMU and all its founding colleges. There is a chapter dedicated to I M Marsh.