Who's Who

Officers and Committee 2016 - 17


Our President, Mrs Barbara Graham (Holmes) (1975)   15 The Committee
Our President, Mrs Barbara Graham (Holmes) (1975)   Members of the Committee at the Reunion in Warwick 2016
Vice Presidents
Mrs Margaret I Fox (Gibson) (1946)
Mrs S Mary Jackson (Pomeroy) (1954)
Miss Margaret I Jamieson (Former Principal 1965-1981)
Professor Pat Shenton OBE (Director, Trust and Academy Development)
Mrs Julie M Webb (Turton) (1954) (Former President 1980-2003)
Secretary   Miss Kath Dowthwaite (1973)
Membership Secretary   Mrs Kath Simpson (Fahey) (1972)
Treasurer   Mrs Jean Taylor (Sutton)(1967)
Journal Editor   Mrs Sylvia Ellis (Phillips) (1964)
Reunion Organiser   Mrs June Nash (Oscroft) (1967)
Executive Committee
Mrs Linda Bond (Ward) (1967)
Mrs Ann Walker (Hodkin) (1964) - Website Coordinator
Professor Sheila s Wigmore (1967) - Archives Coordinator
Mrs Jackie Wright (Hughes) (1968)
Ms Meg Maunder (1969)
I M Marsh Liaison Officer
Professor Pat Shenton   OBE (Director, Trust and Academy Development)


Set Representatives 2015 - 2016

Year Name   Year Name
1946-48 1968   Mrs Cherry A Protheroe (Lazenby)
1969   Mrs Jean M Snitch (Taylor)
1950-52  Mrs Marion Percy (Robertson)  1970   Miss Alison Saunders
1954  Mrs S Mary Jackson (Pomeroy) 1971   Mrs Anne R Hooper (Day)
1972   Mrs Pauleen Murphy (Joice)
1957  Mrs Janet R Brundrett (Bamforth)
1973   Mrs E Georgina Wallis (Rand)
1958  Mrs Alma A’Court (Morris)  1974   Mrs Sheila Prest (Gray)
1960  Mrs G Ann Wakefield (Clarke)  1975   Mrs Barbara Graham (Holmes)
1961  Mrs Barbara Davies (McCartan)  1977   Mrs Cathleen Churchyard (Fail)
1962  Mrs Judith H Rimmer (Thomas) 1978  
1963  Mrs Janet D Harker (Tidy) 1979-80   Miss Gillian Gordon
1964  Mrs Sylvia Ellis (Phillips) 1983   Miss Gill McGough
1965  Miss Patricia M Wootton  1988  
1967  Mrs Gabrielle Bramwell (Loftus)   

You will notice that some years are without a Set Rep. If anyone from those years can offer their services please let us know through the ‘Contact Us’ page.